Video Smart Phone Gate/ Door Opener

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Need an intercom to talk to visitors at the gate, give delivery personnel access, give emergency services access.

With the upsurge on online ordering and home deliveries of goods a secure way to remotely view activity at the gate before permitting access to the property is becoming essential.

Our WiFi Video Gate/Door opener is ideal for this application.

The WiFi Video Gate /Door opener connects to the network via a WiFi router or an Ethernet cable.

The Video Gate opener can be accessed  from an IOS device or an Android device over the internet and mobile telephone network.

When a visitor presses the CALL button on the Video Gate Opener the  IOS or Android device paired with the Video Gate Opener is activated. The user can than view the visitor at the gate on the IPhone , IPad, or Tablet, talk to the visitor at the gate and either photograph , video or press the open button to let the visitor enter.

The Video Gate opener can be wired to the LockMaster control board to activate gate opener and gate lock.

For the application of this device for opening a gate we strongly recommend using an Ethernet cable to connect to the router in the customers premises and not use the built in WiFi option for the following reasons:-

  1. Ethernet cable is more secure than WiFi access especially at a gate which is fully accessible to the public.
  2. WiFi from the premises to the gate has a limited range.
  3. It is highly unlikely that any automatic gate opener installation will have WiFi immediately accessible.
  4. Power can be supplied from Gate opener control box.


  1. WiFi Video Gate opener connects WiFi or network cable. 
  2. Smartphone or tablet interacts with Video Gate Opener via real time video and audio.
  3. Two way audio.
  4. Unlock gate remotely, take photos, take videos, and activate alarm if required.
  5. P2P cloud service push messages of visitor calls.
  6. Infrared Night View
  7. Passive Infra Red detector, microphone,speaker 720p Camera
  8. Anti -removal tamper alarm.
  9. Up to 8 mobile devices can access the Video Gate Opener.
  10. App Download Yoosee app from iOS in App Store, Android in Google Play ( Qr code in user manual takes you directly to the app in the store.)
  11. Also interfaces to PC with Windows.

Technical Specification:-

  • Network Wired Ethernet maximum length 50m, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Audi G711A compression
  • Speech Full Duplex
  • Video Format H264
  • Recording : Manual,Record Alarm, Timed Record
  • External Memory Micro SD card up to 128GB( not supplied)
  • Camera 1 Megapixel
  • Camera Lens 150 Horizontal
  • Night Vision Black and White within 3 m
  • Frame Rate 25 Frames HD (1280x720)
  • Alarm Motion detection,PIR alarm, Tamper alarm
  • Push messages to smart phone or tablet
  • Power DC 12-36V , AC 9-24V  or POE
  • Temperature -20 to +55C
  • Relative Humidity 10 to 95%
  • Size 145 x 93 x23mm
  • Weight 650 gm