100 ft Cat Fence conversion kit for lattice top

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 This kit enables you to convert 100 foot of existing wooden fence which has a 1 foot lattice along the top into a secure cat enclosure. The kit contains 12 cat hoops and fixings to secure them to the existing posts.

100 foot of 5 foot polyproplene UV stable strong mesh with the ties to fix the mesh to the cat hoops.

Four foot of material covers the cat hoop and the extra foot allows the lattice to be covered and make the fence secure to keep the cat in.

Installation is simple.

Fix the cat hoops to each fence post at a hieght suitable for you to walk underneath.

You do not want to bump into the cat hoops while enjoying your garden.

Attach the mesh to the loop at the end of each cat hoop.

Push the mesh up under the cat hoop and secure with ties.

You have now converted your fence and your cat cannot escape over the fence.

  • Installation Instructions Please download from Publications category when you order.

What about the Gate?

At gates make sure that the cat hoops are fixed to the gate posts and not the gate, so that the gate can open freely beneath the cat hoops and mesh.

What about escape routes?

You now need to look at your fence from the cats perspective to ensure they cannot get out.

Can the cat squeeze through a hole in the fence?

Block up the holes.

Can the cat climb over the gate?

Extend the gate up to the cat hoops and mesh.

Can the cat climb onto a roof of the house or shed?

Add cat hoops and mesh as needed.

Can the cat climb a tree to escape?

Add cat hoops and mesh to the tree to prevent the cat from getting up and out.