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8 inch light Zip Ties Pack of 50

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PVC fence ties (zip ties)

Black nylon locking zip ties that are used for securing the fencing to our posts. Typically, five are used per post, but when utilizing high-tensile wire, an "x" or "bow tie" technique is used to secure the cable to the posts, so 10 ties are required per post.

Extra ties are also needed when installing fencing in areas with up and down terrain changes. In these situations the fence must be cut, re-angled, and then zip tied back on itself at posts or trees. The trees or posts then become "sandwiched" between the fencing. This technique ensures that the fencing will stay flush to the ground so deer cannot push underneath.

These ties have been found to be suitable for the more temperate areas of Canada. If you live in an area with wide fluctuations in temperature then you will need our PVC coated steel ties.