Puller cutter for zip ties

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Ouir tie puller cutter is idea for installing our pvc zip ties on our cat fence cat hoops.

Or if you are in moderate climate like BC where haevy duty zip ties can be used to attach our deer fencing to posts.

The tie puller cutter tensions the ties against the support then pressing the secondary lever neatly cuts the zip tie, leaving no protrusions.

NOT suitable for our PVC coated garden wire ties or meatl zip ties.

  • Works With Ties of 18 Lbs - 175 Lbs Tensile Strength
  • Cuts Ties With Strap Width 0.09" - 0.387"
  • Ensures Correct Tension & Provides Automatic Cut-off.
  • Eliminates Sharp Edges On Cut Ties.
  • Color: Red