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Access Gate Kit for 7 foot high opening by 4,5 ,6 or7 widths

Deer Fence Canada

$337.00 - $415.00
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The access gates for the 7’ fence include a “Top Brace” constructed of black tubular steel.

The top brace, which forms a lateral “door jam” effect out of the two included posts, adds strength and stability to our tallest access gates.

All gates come with gate posts that do not require concreting into the ground.

Gates do not come with the fence fabric to cover the gate.

Which width of gate is best for your enclosure?

  • Narrow path for only pedestrian or wheelbarrow access then select 4 foot wide gate
  • Want to get a lawn tarctor through then select a 5 foot wide gate.
  • Wide trailer on your tractor select either a 6 foot or 7 foot wide gate.
  • Anything wider and taller than 7 foot select one of our driveway gates.

The kit includes:

  • Gate frame
  • Male and female Hinge sets (2)
  • Finger and Latch
  • Pack of fence ties
  • 2 Gate posts with sleeves (2)
  • Top cross brace (1)

A driving cap purchased separately to drive sleeves into the ground.

Fence material to cover the gate frame not included in the kit.