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Geese making a mess of your lawn?

17th Mar 2021

The snow is quickly melting and spring is around the corner. That means that Canada geese will be back and looking for somewhere to lay eggs. With that brings the mess they leave on the lawn.

Our customers along on the St Lawrence Seaway had this problem with lawns stretching down to the waters edge.

Last year we successfully found a solution for many of them. Our Goose Fence Kit. Geese will not visit ponds with a high thick brush around the perimeter where a fox or cat could hide and similarly they will not stay at a pond with a fence around it that may impeded the need for a rapid retreat.

What this consists of is 2 foot high Tenax Pet Fence ( we cut the 4 foot x 100 foot roll in half) and then it is easily installed near the water front with simple fibre glass rods for support. Installation can either be in a straight line or zig zag formation ( your choice) 

The Tenax material like our deer fence is Virtually Invisible to the human eye but the geese see it. Geese perceive this as a barrier that a predator may be hiding behind so fly off somewhere else. Usually the neighbours who then need our Goose Fence.

This year the City of Moncton found out about our solution so have ordered a large quantity of Tenax Multipurpose Fence 2 foot high. The multipurpose fence is not quite as invisible to the human eye as it has smaller squares and easily seen but still has the same effect on the geese.

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