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Cat Hoop to convert Wooden Fence

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Need more cat hoops for your kit then you can purchase individual hoops.

We manufacture our own cat hoops. They have no moving parts but the steel is springy enough to make any cat feel uncomfortable when trying to get around the hoop. Some cats try but end up dropping back into the yard.

Some of our customers have installed these hoops on both side of  the fence to keep prized cats in and feral cats out.

These cat hoops are simple to install. Fix the hoops to an existing wooden fence post or suitable tree with the fixings provided then use 4-5 feet of our fence material to go around the inside of the  hoop and attach to the existing fence.

You will require fence ties and we recommend our 3 inch fence/garden ties to secure the mesh to the hoops.

You may require other ties or fixings between the posts to prevent the cat from sneaking out between the mesh and the fence.

Our cat hoops can also be installed on large trees to prevent the cat escaping up the tree.

Cat hoops are made from steel and powder coated black finish.Fxings are included. A plastic clip is screwed to the existing wooden post or tree, the cat hoop is clipped into the hoop and then secured with a lag bolt through the loop at the end.

It is recommended that the tip of the cat hoop when installed is just above the head of the tallest person in the household.

Our mesh is then attached with zip ties, approx 5-6 per hoop. The mesh minium size is 4 foot but 5 foot or 6 foot can also be used.

What is in the box:-

  • 1 cat hoop powder coated black.
  • 1 lag bolt
  • 1 washer
  • 1 special fixing clip with screws
  • 5 black zip ties.