Heavy duty Fence Post KIT 1 5/8 Diameter

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Our Heavy Duty Posts, which are constructed from 1 5/8'' diameter steel tubing (black powder coated paint) are available to match our fence fabric. These can be spaced 15'-20' apart, and come with top caps that keep water out. We have now sourced our posts from Canadian tube manufacturers and Canadian Powder Coating suppliers hence avoiding expensive transport costs from USA.

Post kit Includes:-

  • 1 5/8 inch diameter post , 108 inches long , galvanized and powder coated black.
  • Fitted post cap
  • 30 inch post sleeve
  • Eye bolt and clamp for top of post ready for tension cable.


Installation is simple.

No need for concrete , digging holes or tall ladders whne installing our 9 foot posts. It is best to create a pilot hole by driving a 1'' steel bar into the ground prior to driving insert. Not only do our inserts eliminate getting on a ladder or digging holes to drive posts into the ground, but they also allow for creating temporary barriers that can be easily taken down and then re-installed as necessary. A dimpled stopping point located 22'' down each insert keeps the post at the exact height for the fencing.

A driving cap is necessary to drive the sleeves into the ground.