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Heavy Duty Fence Roll 7.5' x 100' Tenax C-FlexP (2.3m x 30m)


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TENAX C-FLEX “P” heavy duty deer fence is virtually invisible once installed and is recommended for areas that experience heavy deer traffic.

Tenax Polypropylene fence that provides an effective protection against deer damage without harming animals.
Thanks to an exclusive stretching process in both directions, it is incredibly strong, but it is also light and flexible at the same time.
It is UV treated, so it keeps colour and features unaltered over time.
Its round thread structure is an original feature of TENAX C-FLEX P Deer Fence Premuim

Mesh size 40 mm x 50mm

  • It is incredibly strong.
  • It does not rust and does not corrode
  • Rolls are light and easy to handle
  • It is invisible in shady areas or woods
  • UV treated

Hint before you purchase:-

Shipping costs are expensive and are increasing all the time as fuel prices increase. Shipping is calculated on weight and volume.Carriers also charge oversize premuim on long shipments. A 7.5 x 100 roll of fence is very slightly less in weight and volume than at 7.5 x 200 foot roll. This is because they are both wound on to the same 3 inch diameter carboard core. Hence the cost of shipping a 7.5 x 100 roll and a 7.5 x 200 roll are approximately the same. You do get a better overall deal by purchasing a 200 foot roll than you do purchasing a 100 foot roll.

Your choice but we do like our customers to be aware of the options.