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Standard Fence Roll 7.5' x 100' Tenax C-Flex (2.3m x 30m)


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Tenax Polypropylene fence that provides an effective protection against deer damage without harming animals.
Thanks to an exclusive stretching process in both directions, it is incredibly strong and resistant, but it is also light and flexible at the same time.
It is UV treated, so it keeps colour and features unaltered over time.
Its round thread structure is an original feature of TENAX C-FLEX Deer Fence Select.

Mesh size 40 mm x 50mm

  • It is incredibly strong .
  • It does not rust and does not corrode
  • Rolls are light and easy to handle
  • It is invisible in shady areas or woods
  • UV treated

This fence is ideal for protecting a cedar hedge from the winter feeding of deer or around a vegitable garden.

This material is also ideal for keeping soccer balls from straying behind the goal, around volley ball courts or at the back of an outdoor hockey rink to retain stray pucks.