Hobby Farm Fence Post Pounder (50cc engine)

Deer Fence Canada

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Now: $799.00
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These Hobby Farm Fence Post Pounders were made available to us by the manufacturer at a discounted price for show and tell at Trade Shows. Unfortunately Covid got in the way of the trade shows and we have a limited quantity of these machines available in our warehouse.

We have decied to sell these machines and pass on the  dsicounted price to a  lucky few Hobby Farm customers

Has a powerful 4 stroke 50cc engine fitted that should be more than enough for any job around the property.

They come with a carry case on wheels and a range of reducers.

  • Weighs 48 pounds ( without fuel)
  • 700-1,350 beats-per-minute
  • Powered by 2 horsepower, 4-stroke engine ( Made in China)
  • Heavy hammer 
  • Handles are designed for comfort
  • Simple recoil pull start with trigger throttle and integrated stop button
  • Chuck tube 4 inch diameter.
  • Includes 1", 2" and 3" reducers
  • Strong protective case

Can drive wooden posts ( pencil posts ) that have pointed end to start post up to 4 inch in diameter.
Can drive numerous steel posts of various sizes by using the reducers to centre the post on the hammer.

4 x 4 square posts need the top 6-8 inches shaped round to approx 4 inch diameter to be able to drive this type of post, they also need the end to be pointed to start the post.