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Turf Reinforcement Mesh (30m x 2m)


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Turf Reinforcement Mesh is a tough extruded polymer grid for reinforcing grassed areas used by vehicles and pedestrians.

The mesh can be used for temporary or permanent applications.


For best results with a permanet application the mesh should be laid down in Spring when the grass will grow quickly through the mesh and the root mass will form an interlock with the mesh filaments.

To secure the mesh to the ground you will require either ground stakes or Gripple Terra Locks.

Ground stakes need to be positioned 1 meter apart along each edge and if the mesh is joined then one meter apart along the join.

For public areas we recommend Terra Locks as these cannot be extracted from the ground after installation making it a ver y secure, tamper proof  fixture.

The protected grassed areas will soon resume their natural appearance providing a stable surface which will withstand the weight of lightweight vehicles and heavy pedestrian use such as inside event registration tents. The mesh is ideal for creating wheelchair access to events held in grassed areas.

Applications • Over-spill car parks • Grassed access routes • Footpaths • Buggy paths • Parking and turning circles for light aircraft • RV Parks • Lawns used for parking cars, caravans and boats • Grassed verges in urban and parkland areas . Landscapers protect clients turf while doing ground maintenance. .Golf driving range anti ball plugging. . Prevent your dogs digging up the lawn or keeping the turf from being damaged by continual dog traffic on one strip of lawn. Like our deer fencing the mesh is Virtually Invisible.

Technical Specification:
Material HDPE
Colour Green
Weight 33 kg (88 lb)
Width 2.04 m ( 6’ 7”)
Length 30.5 m (100’)
Mesh size 35mm x 33mm
Manufactured by Tenax


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