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Hindle's Easy Cut Pruning Shears

Hindle's Hardware

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These unique pruning shears were developed specifically for Hindle's Clarksburg Hardware which is the oldest traditional hardware store in Ontario. 

James Hindle's Hardware store is located in the heart of fruit growing country and he found more than 50 years ago that fluorine coated blades were best for pruning fruit trees and bushes. Fluorine coating is anti-corrosion,water repellent,and reduces friction for easy cutting.

The Hindle Easy Cut shears need 50% less hand force which makes them ideal for the elderly gardeners with a little athritis in there hands. ( it comes to us all so we need the tools to keep going)

Ergonomically designed handles to fit easily into your hand and suitable for professionals working all day pruning.

In addition the drawback cutting action created by the toggle mechanism gives a powereful cut with half the effort and smoother cuts.

Cuts like a razor knife.

Lightweight can be used all day by professionals with less fatique on the hands.


  • Japanese steel blade sharpend the traditional Japanese way.
  • Blade Fluorine Coated 
  • Toggle action
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Glass fibre reinforced handles
  • No-slip rubber hand grips.
  • Lightweight 190gm (7 ounces)
  • 170 mm long ( 7 inches)
  • 20 mm maximum cut size.
1 year