Wire mesh chew guard 36 x100Ft

Deer Fence Canada

W020 3ft
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Our chew guard is ideal for a number of applications.

As a retrofit to the bottom of deer fence if musk rats ,rabbits or ground hogs start to chew a hole in your deer fence.

Coyotes and ground hogs can dig under the fence. Our chew guard can be used to prevent them digging by either sinking into the ground around the fence or just laying out on the ground pegging down and attaching to the fence with hog rings.

Beaver can quickly fell a large caliper tree, our chew guard wrapped around the tree will stop this happening.

Mink and otters can quickly devastate a Koi pond, our chew guard with some of our hoops can easily keep them out.



Chew guard  is easy and it works.  How do we know it works? Because we developed and tested it right here in our own gardens.

Have you ever watched a rabbit closely?  We mean really pay attention to the details.  Rabbits, like all herbivores, are extremely cautious eaters.  They move slowly, alertly, one small hop at a time.  Always stopping, looking sniffing and listening as they graze.  Those big ears move like radar towers constantly scanning for predators.  Now notice what they don't do.  They don't jump and eat.  They don't run around and eat.  Rather they are cautious and alert eaters.  Running and jumping are flight behaviors and reserved for just that, fleeing from danger. 

Armed with these observations we set out to build the best rabbit fence in the world for the home garden.  We tested many materials and various techniques.  Eventually we hit upon the perfect combination of ease of installation, effectiveness and durability.   It's been a long time coming but we now have the perfect answer for rabbit protection.