Gripple Terra Lock Glass Reinforced


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 Gripple Terra Lock 

TL-304-TLA2-3mm uses the Glass reinforced disk with a 3 foot cable and Anchor 2 


This product is ideal for securing turf protection mesh or GP-Flex for a permanent installation. It can also be used to anchor Tenax Multimat erosion control multilayer mesh.

The mesh is held in place with a 3 inch round glass reinforced plastic disk or metal disk. The disk is secured to the ground with a Gripple anchor driven into the soil.

The anchor is attached to the disk with a uinique Gripple. The disk and the Gripple are tensioned down onto the mesh. This is best done with the Gripple drive tool remover which also performs as a tensioning tool on the Terra Lock cable. However for small projects all that is needed is a Medium Gripple to create a loop on the cable and the anchor can be set by putting a bar through the loop and pulling vertially up

Once secured the Terra Lock is permanently fixed to the mesh and ground.

The landscape turf protection or errosion control mesh cannot be removed once the Terr-Lock is set.