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Keep-It -Green


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TU 6.5 x50
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Tenax Keep-It-Green mat is ideal heavy duty solution for ground and turf protection.

Keep-It-Greenis made with high density foam polethylene that is lightweight and non-toxic. It can be used in commercial or residential applications where grass needs extra support and protection for healthy growth.


  • Ground protection mat to prevent wheel rutting
  • Ground protection mat for use in grassy areas with high pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • Easy and quick installation and can be permanent or temprary solution.


  • Lightweight-easy to carry and handle.
  • UV stabilized- long lasting
  • Promotes thick grass growth
  • reusable, recyclableand affordable
  • Won't rust, rot or corrode
  • Easy to install & non-toxic
  • Keep-It-Green is nearly invisible once healthy grass has grwon through the mesh.