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Heavy Duty Perimeter Deer Fence Kit 200' x7.5' (60mx2.3m)

Deer Fence Canada

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To make it easy to order we have have created these simple kits with all the material necessary for you to install a Heavy Duty Perimeter Fence.You can combine these kits with treed lot kits to complete the perimeter.

The kit includes:-

  • (60M) 200 feet of Heavy Duty fencing,
  • 12 Heavy Duty Fence Posts complete with sleeves & Caps,
  • 12 Eyebolts and clamps for the top of each post
  • 40 ground stakes,
  • 100 heavy duty fence ties,a pack of white ribbons and installation instructions.
  • Plus a free driving cap to drive the sleeves into the ground on the 1st kit purchased.
  • Included a FREE fence tying tool with the 1st kit purchased. The tool is required to tighten our  PVC coated wire fence ties.
  • Installation Instructions Please download from Publications category when you order.

Eyebolts and clamps at the top of each posts  make the fence ready for adding tension cable.

If you choose not to fit tension cable in the first year you may want to retrofit the fence later and simply run the cable through the eyebolts and use Gripple to tension the cable. Attach the cable with hog rings (recommended method) , zip ties or thread the cable through the mesh. Corner post will need to be braced if you add tension cable.