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Deer Fence Kits and gates

Deer Fence kits include everything needed to easily create an all but invisible deer barrier for your landscaping or garden.

Deer Fence Kits the easy way to purchase everything you need.

All you need to know is the linear footage of your proposed fence line and how high you would like your fence to be – then just select the appropriate kit. As a rule of thumb, the 4' fence is to be used only for very narrow beds, the 5' for beds 10'-15' wide, and the 6' for beds 15'-20' wide. Planting areas or gardens wider than 20' require the full 7.5' fencing.
Many customers want to fence in an area and quote the acreage. The perimeter length can vary considerably depending upon the shape of the area. As a rough guide using a square shaped enclosure you will need the following:-

1 acre = 800 feet of fencing , 4x 200 foot kits,

3/4 acre = 700 feet of fencing , 3x 200 foot kits plus a 100 foot kit

1/2 acre = 600 feet of fencing , 3x 200 foot kits

1/4 acre = 400 feet of fencing , 2x 200 foot kits.